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Fresh fruit from Wymeswold Fruit Farm.

Come and join us for a fun-filled family day out fruit picking in the heart of Leicestershire. All of our fruit is grown outside the old-fashioned way, not in polytunnels. Taking advantage of the great British weather ensures all of our fruit is bursting with flavour.

When you arrive, simply present your pre booked ticket or purchase a ticket at the gate. You will be given a token to the value of  your entry fee which is redeemable against the cost of your fruit. Then grab a basket and some directions to the best picking spots from our friendly staff and head out into the field to pick your fruit. When you are finished, make your way back to the pay station to have your fruit weighed. It’s as simple as that.

Wymeswold Fruit Farm is a working farm and family-run business. We respectfully ask all visitors not to eat any of the fruit before paying for it and to be aware that all picked fruit must be paid for. We are always happy to advise likely costs before you start picking. ​We will not tolerate disposing of and sorting of fruit before paying. Please supervise children and what they are picking and do not allow them to pick more than you would like to buy. We also ask that you only pick fruit that is ripe; unripe fruit will not continue to ripen once picked and it is a waste of our crops and your money.

Please call the Fruit Picking Hotline on 01509 880 230 for up-to-date information and availability.



The nation’s favourite! We grow four main varieties of strawberries.

Vibrant – our earliest fruiting berry. Beautifully shaped, medium to large sized fruit with a glossy, brilliant red colour.

Elegance – Elegant, bright and beautifully glossy berries, with a deliciously, sweet flavour.

Symphony – A Scottish variety with a uniform shape and size and a slightly acidic flavour.

Malwina – Our personal favourites. These fly out of the gate! A dark red glossy berry. It is red fleshed with a lovely sweet aroma, high natural sugar content and an excellent flavour.

June to August £5.60 per kilo

June to August £5.60 per kilo


Rammed with vitamin C and natural antioxidants. The original superfood!

We grow two varieties:

Glen Mor – Our early variety. A spine-free variety for easy picking with large, firm berries and a superbly sweet flavour.

Glen Ample – Large, fleshy berries with a pleasant aroma and lovely sweet flavour. These are also spine free.

July to August £6.99 per kilo

July to August £6.99 per kilo



The forgotten fruit!

Gooseberry was one of many historic names given to the Devil. It is thought that this may be why the ‘unwanted’ third-party accompanying romantic couple is sometimes referred to as a gooseberry. But don’t let that put you off! Gooseberries have a lovely tart flavour, are high in fibre and are packed full of vitamin C and other antioxidants.

We grow the variety Invicta – an early-season variety with a large, smooth skin and berries that ripen into a pale yellow colour and have an excellent flavour.

June. £4.30 per kilo.


Red, white and black currants

Our favourite for jam.

Another nutrient and antioxidant packed fruit with a naturally high level of pectin, making them perfect for jam making.

We grow the varieties

-Ben Sarek (blackcurrants)

-Rovada (redcurrants)

-Blanca (whitecurrants)

July £4 per kilo

pick your own rhubarb


Who doesn’t love a good crumble?!

Rhubarb is technically a vegetable and is packed full of fibre. It has been grown in the UK since the 1700s but was first used for medicinal purposes.

We grow the variety Victoria- long, thick, red stalks with an excellent flavour.

June to August £3.75 per kilo

Pick it

Pick your required amount keeping the different fruits separate.

Weigh it

Bring the fruit back to us, to be weighed at the pay-station.

Pay for it

Pay for your fruit. It’s that easy!

We also sell locally produced cream and ice-cream as well as Slush Puppies and other cold drinks.


Some of our favourite fruit recipes'

Strawberry ice cream cake

An easy recipe from Delicious magazine.

Raspberry mousse

An easy recipe from Delicious magazine.

Elderflower & gooseberry fool

An easy recipe from Delicious magazine.

chocolate & blackcurrant biscuits

An easy recipe from Delicious magazine.

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